Extra Happy Announcement for Kratom Capsule Lovers

Did you love Happy Hippo's first batch of High-Quality Kratom Capsules?

Prepare to be twice as Happy, we now offer
  • Double the Kratom Strains available in capsule form (6 different strains now available).
  • More Kratom Capsules per bag and larger capsules (100 capsules @ 500mg/600mg per).
For some customers, convenience is King.
If you know Kratom Capsules are 'your thing', you can click on any bottle below to enter the best place to buy Kratom Capsules.
Even if you prefer Kratom Powder (due to lower prices, quicker effects, or otherwise) it's worthwhile to own a bag or 2 just incase.

Where Can I Buy Hippo Kratom Capsules?

At Happy Hippo Herbals!

3 FAST LEAFS: Hyper Hippo, Rockstar Hippo, and Red Hot Hippo
3 MODERATE LEAFS: Happy Hippo I, Happy Hippo ll, and Ghost Hippo


You NEED to know the differences between each Kratom Strain (to make the most educated buying decisions). Learn more with our Kratom Effects: Kratom Strain Chart.

What is the Most Popular Kratom Capsule to Buy?

Our most popular Kratom Strain has always been Green Maeng Da Kratom (Hyper Hippo), but there's no "Best Kratom Capsule".

It all depends on your desired Kratom Effects and what you personally enjoy. You may find the Slow and Moderate Kratom Leafs provide the best results.

We will add more Kratom Strains to our Capsule lineup in the future, and we'll start with adding more Slow Kratom Capsules first!


3 FAST LEAFS (Maeng Da): Kratom Capsules Best Kratom for 'Energy':

Stylized Image of Happy Hippo Herbals Red Maeng Da Kratom Capsules - Red Hot Hippo
Stylized Image of Happy Hippo Herbals White Maeng Da Kratom Capsules - Rockstar Hippo
Stylized Image of Happy Hippo Herbals Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules - Hyper Hippo
3 MODERATE LEAFS (Borneo): Kratom Capsules Best Used for 'Balance':
Stylized Image of Happy Hippo Herbals Red Borneo Kratom Capsules - Happy Hippo II
Stylized Image of Happy Hippo Herbals Green Borneo Kratom Capsules - Happy Hippo I
Stylized Image of Happy Hippo Herbals White Borneo Kratom Capsules - Ghost Hippo


What is a Kratom Capsule's #1 Benefit?

(Why Not Just Buy Less Expensive Kratom Powder?)

Kratom Capsules should be considered a luxury. Everyone deserves some of the finer things in life.

The #1 Kratom Capsule Benefit is Convenience.

Enjoy the most cost-effective and versatile Mitragyna Speciosa Lifestyle by having Kratom Powder and Kratom Capsules handy.
Happy Hippo recommends buying a 90:10 Ratio (90% Kratom Powder, 10% Kratom Capsules).

The Best Kratom Lifestyles are

  1. Cost-Effective (high-quality powder that doesn't require large servings)

  2. Convenient

  3. Safe - Always look for a vendor that uses lab testing and adheres to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) while packaging their capsules. 
It's wise to keep 1 or 2 Bottles in your pantry or backpack/purse. If you buy a Bottle and forget you have it sitting around — You will remember your Kratom Capsules "When Convenience Calls".

Why to Buy Kratom Capsules?

  • Travel (Especially Air Travel!)
  • Taste (Or No Taste!)
  • Cleanliness (Like all of our Kratom powder, our Capsules are manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility and tested for pathogens)
  • Time
  • Serving Size (500/600mg or ~1/2 gram per capsule)

Most customers of Happy Hippo are active-hardworking professionals or are grandparents with rambunctious grandkids, or both.

Basically — We all know the value of TIME when we're running five minutes late.

Good intentions do not negate accidental spills and Kratom Powder can get messy real-quick.

Especially when you're in public and know you look a little sketchy stirring up green powder.

Kratom Capsules help mask Kratom's bitterness. This benefit is more than enough for some Kratom Users.

Personal experience: While I have NEVER had issues when flying, it's definitely easier to use Kratom Capsules on an airplane (It's a real mess when you spill powder all over the person sitting next to you).

Kratom Serving Size is "Made Easy" with Capsules!

It takes time to measure your serving size and sometimes you just don't have the time necessary to do so. On a deeper level, Kratom Capsules won't allow you to get stuck overthinking how much Kratom to take.

There's a set amount of Powder in each Capsule (500/600mg per Happy Hippo Kratom Capsule).

Or, about half a Gram (0.5G) per Cap.

- If 1 Capsule isn't enough, try 2 Caps.

-- If 4 Capsules are too much, try 3 Caps!

Remember that kratom capsules will take longer to absorb or "kick in" than using the raw powder. Unlike raw powder that will take effect within 30 minutes, you might not 'feel' capsules for about an hour or longer...

So plan accordingly.

Serving Size: Kratom Capsules vs Powdered Kratom Products

Whether using kratom capsules or organic kratom Powder - keep your serving size of Kratom about the same.

There's no need to believe they will be totally different, likewise its unwise to believe they will feel the exact same.

If you take 4 Kratom Capsules your serving size will be about 2 Grams of Kratom.

This is precisely how much Kratom is in one level Teaspoon.

You may determine that 2 Grams of organic Kratom is your "Sweet Spot" so whenever you measure out 2 Grams of Kratom Powder you'll experience the benefits of Kratom right away (faster activation time than Kratom Capsules) and you will consume a slightly lower amount than when you have 4 Kratom Capsules.

Unless you plan on dumping out a small amount of your 4th Capsule each time, you'll always have a slightly higher serving size than what you'd consider your "Sweet Spot" at 2 Grams.

So as long as you're relatively close to your "Sweet Spot" you will be just fine.

Learn how to find your Sweet Spot in our Kratom Effects: Kratom Strain Chart.


Kratom Capsule Size: Too Big, Small, or Just Right?

Convenience can come at a cost (not just a higher price-tag). Kratom Capsules are a quality product that come in precise measurements (Meaning you're stuck at 500/600mg [1 Cap], 1100mg [2 Caps], 2200mg [4 Caps] and so on). So, Experiences or Results may not be as customizable as compared to when you can measure out your perfect 2.0 Grams "Sweet Spot" with raw Kratom Powder.

The key is to avoid purchasing Kratom Capsules that are TOO BIG!

They have a fine selling-point, especially if you're in Texas and like everything super-sized. But Kratom Capsule sizes that are too big do not offer the ability to adjust Kratom serving size by a reasonable amount from 1 Capsule to the next.

A larger size would only be necessary for Kratom Users that require a higher serving size (8+ Grams).

Happy Hippo Kratom normally requires a lower serving size for the best results (such as 1.0-6.0 Grams). If we choose a smaller Kratom Capsule you'd have to ingest more capsules to get to your sweet spot, so we've decided that 500/600mg Kratom per capsule seems to be the perfect size based on personal experience.


Where Can I Buy Kratom Capsules: An Appealing, Reputable Brand?

Happy Hippo is proud to rep the American Kratom Association's GMP-Certification for its Kratom Capsule Product Line. All Caps and Bottles are packaged in a Facility that meets FDA's expectations of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and are subject to lab testing.

Customers have seen us grow a lot over the last 18 months.
Packaging has seen a world of change with respect to its Quality (GMP-Certification implies Quality, or a Safe Product).
The Hippo Brand has also grown with each new product so our artistry, concepts, and general framework of how we'd define the Happy Hippo Company has been more visible than ever. We have great customer support and only use premium kratom leaves from southeast asia in our capsules.

Buy Kratom Powder and Kratom Capsules using the 90:10 Rule

Some customers may be able to afford a Kratom Lifestyle that can be fully supported by Kratom Capsules. If you have the resources.... (which some Hippo Clients do) buy lots of Capsules!
But honestly, Puddles has an unlimited supply of capsules and he still only uses them when needed. Powdered Kratom Products seem to offer the quickest, best, and most controlled Effects.
When you have an unlimited supply of both Capsules and Powder, whichever you use the most of works the best for you!
Purchase both types of Kratom Products as they each serve a purpose.
For most, a cost-effective lifestyle is not a choice.
The 90:10 Rule will keep you honest, but will also have you prepared when you owe yourself a luxury.
When convenience calls, you know which Kratom Product you will reach for in the pantry.
Order Kratom Capsules at Happy Hippo, Today!
Your Friend,

Puddles "Perfect Sized" Hippo
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