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Green Vein Thai Kratom (Atomic Hippo) is what we call "True Thai" - a High-Quality, balanced Thai kratom Leaf harvested from select mature Kratom trees without the low-quality immature alkaloids that "Generic Thai" (the majority of Thai on the market which is awful).

Green Vein Thai is what many customers consider a "Role Player", a Non-Maeng Da Leaf that produces an identical experience that you'd expect from a High-Quality Maeng Da Leaf.

Well-rounded teams have confident, dependable role-players.

Just like a sports team, you will want to have a "team" of Kratom Strains that comprise a well-rounded Kratom Rotation.

Well-round Kratom Rotations involve a reasonable degree of variance between:

  • Vein Color (Red, Green, White, Yellow)
  • Leaf Origin (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam)
  • Kratom Speed (Slow/Moderate/Fast)

Fast Kratom Strains are a fan-favorite at Happy Hippo.

While Maeng Da Kratom is the superstar Fast Leaf — for long-term Kratom benefits you need to find other Leafs that make your team.

Green Vein Thai Kratom (Atomic Hippo) is a solid role-player Kratom Strain worth buying:

  • Green Vein Thai Kratom has unique origin (Thailand) relative to other Fast Strains (Indonesian, Malaysian, Vietnam)
  • Offers an A+ Fast Experience at a lower price-tag
  • Will work just like Maeng Da (if not better) if you generally rely on Maeng Da Leaf for your 'Fast' days

 Featured Image of Puddles the Hippo character representing the Happy Hippo Product Green Thai Kratom Powder (Atomic Hippo) 

Green Thai vs. Green Maeng Da: Why Purchase Both Fast Kratom Strains?

When it comes to Fast Kratom Strains —

Customers seem to have the most success with Green Maeng Da (Hyper Hippo).

Green Maeng Da (Hyper Hippo) is actually the most popular Happy Hippo Kratom Leaf of all-time!

  • Green Maeng Da (Hyper Hippo) meets the demands of those seeking Productivity, Social Motivation, and heightened Energetic states
  • No matter how well a specific Kratom Strain works for your Mind & Body → Do Not Use It Daily (for many days in a row)
  • Continual usage of the same Strain will lead to building up a Kratom Tolerance

Because of this, many customers look for another type of kratom that has similar effects to Green Maeng Da (Hyper Hippo).

This is where Green Vein Thai (Atomic Hippo) comes into play!

The most similar option to a Green Vein Fast kratom effect is going to be another Green Vein Fast Leaf!

Every Kratom Strain is worth trying at least once (and some are best tried before others).

If you have a choice we always suggest trying Green Maeng Da (Hyper Hippo) first.

If Green Maeng Da works for you the next best choice to expand a well-rounded Kratom Rotation is a Green Thai Kratom.

That's quite a large compliment to Green Vein Thai (Atomic Hippo), and we mean it!

Green Vein Thai is a solid Kratom Strain purchase


Low-Quality (Inexpensive) Green Vein Thai Kratom May Cause Jitters!

High-quality 'True Thai' Kratom Strains are hard to find.

Low-quality "Generic Thai" Strains are everywhere.

We carry 3 'True Thai' Strains and they were added to the line-up only after personally testing (using) them.

Unlike Slower Kratom Strains and Maeng Da Leaf, low-quality, inexpensive 'Generic Thai' Strains with unbalanced Fast alkaloids can be absolutely awful - Jitterbugs (uneasiness), irritability and nervousness.

Low-quality (cheap) Kratom isn't going to offer you a Happy or Productive Experience.

In fact, they will make your day worse than if you had not had Kratom at all.

Know the observable signs of High-Quality Kratom:

  • powder will be fine or fluffy
  • little-to-no evidence of stems or veins
  • should dissolve easily in a warm liquid or Tea
  • an 'earthy' smell, not a 'chemical' smell

Better yet, know the Vendor(s) that have a reputation of providing High-Quality Kratom Products!
Hint: Happy Hippo

No matter what Vendor you purchase from:

  1. Products that have been offered for a long-time and carry a loyal following tend to be the safest purchases

  2. Brand-new Kratom Strains releases tend to carry the most risk of being low-quality

If you try Green Vein Thai (Atomic Hippo) and like it - check out our Ruby Red Thai Kratom (Invincible Hippo) from the same supplier as our Green Vein Thai:

Red Vein Thai Kratom (Invincible Hippo)

  • Red Vein Thai Kratom (Invincible Hippo) is from the exact same Farmer that supplies our Green Vein Thai (Atomic Hippo) so you can expect similar Quality
  • Ruby Red Thai Feedback has been VERY HAPPY since release!
  • No reports of Jitterbugs for any of the 3 Thai Kratom Strains @ Happy Hippo (Dynamite, Atomic, and Invincible!)

Though Thai Kratom is prone to causing Jitterbugs (nervous/ineffective Energy), all Hippo Thai Leafs have proven themselves as High-Quality Products.

Fortunately, you can expect High-Quality Experiences at Happy Hippo!

We don't sell junk.

What You Can Expect from Green Vein Thai (Atomic Hippo)
(Expectations of a "Role-Player" Leaf)

Obvious Vigor. Acute Energy. But a Delicate Stimulating Experience.

Role-players are not always role-players.

Despite having a less popular origin than Maeng Da Kratom —

A High-Quality Thai Green Vein Kratom Strain has the potential to be your #1 Fast Leaf!

The Green Thai Kratom (Atomic Hippo) experience is similar (arguably identical) to Maeng Da Leafs, but the alkaloid profile differs.

If you like Fast Strains, but often lean on Maeng Da varieties - Green Thai Kratom (Atomic Hippo) can mimic the Maeng Da experience (while offering a break from usual Maeng Da Alkaloids).

If that seems complicated -

Green Thai can give you a fresh Fast Leaf experience - especially if you have built up a Kratom Tolerance to Maeng Da Strains.

Your Best Kratom Strain

  • isn't based on what is the most popular choice for other customers
  • is based on what works the best for you and that could be ANY KRATOM LEAF

Give Green Vein Thai kratom powder a try and see what it can do for your Energy, Attitude, and Motivation.

You may decide its your A+ (or "Best") Fast Leaf and it'll be the Kratom Strain you save for your most important work days or social events, allowing you to reserve Green Maeng Da (Hyper Hippo) as your role-player, or the Fast Leaf you use on less intensive/important days.

Green Thai Kratom (Atomic Hippo) carries the potential to be superstar in anyone's Kratom Rotation.

If you are a newbie to Kratom, chances are - you haven't tried a 'True' or High-Quality Thai Kratom Leaf.

There's just so much 'Generic' (terrible) Thai Leaf out there.

Closing Thoughts

As your Kratom Rotations grows, it become more complex -BUT- your desired Kratom Effects from one day to the next may not be different.

If your main desire is help with "ENERGY" (both physical and cognitive) you're in luck.

Happy Hippo has A LOT of Fast Kratom Leafs available. (10, to be exact)

We suggest to try the most popular kratom strains first since they tend to work the best for most customers.

The fact still remains that you'll want to try each kratom Leaf (if it is financially feasible).

Green Thai Kratom (Atomic Hippo) happens to be more affordable than some Fast Kratom Strains.

Though Green Vein Thai is farmed from the same source as its more expensive competing Fast kratom leaf:

  • Green Vein Maeng Da (Hyper Hippo)
  • White Vein Maeng Da (Rockstar Hippo)
  • White Vein Malay (Thunder Hippo)
  • Red Vein Thai (Invincible Hippo)

Green Thai Kratom (Atomic Hippo) has been available for purchase going on well over a year and is supplied by our most dependable Kratom Farmer (tested for Salmonella and sterilized at 170 degrees to kill pathogens).

It is a role-player Leaf for most customers and this isn't a bad thing at all!

Every team needs a healthy combination of superstars and role-players.

The very best role-players even can 'step-in' for the superstars and the team doesn't miss miss a beat.

Just like every great Kratom Rotation has a combination of Fast, Moderate, and Slow Leafs (with differing Vein Colors and Origins).

If you're due to tryout a new Fast Leaf, try a "True Thai" Leaf: Buy Green Vein Thai Kratom (Atomic Hippo) Today!

Your Friend,

Puddles "Green Thai Thumb" Atom Bomb Hippo

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  • Penny K Stone

    One of the best kratom products out there.

  • Kratom

    Thanks for sharing good content related kartom. keep good work.

  • Obi

    Hi Chrystal D Grubbs sorry you ask for a suggestion over a month ago and no one responded. I used to try to keep up with the blog but when the Hippo Moderators stopped paying attention and stopped updating the blog I gave up. However, I will try to post a suggestion or two. If this response ever appears on the blog is yet to be determined, and by now you have probably become frustrated by the lack of a response and stopped checking back.
    One blend that I and my friends find to be extremely Euphoric/Happy is a blend of 60% Ghost and 40% White Rhino. This blend is known among aficionados as “The Truth” aka Puddles Potion, which was a seasonal offering this past Halloween. Also, a blend that puddles recommended to me is 50% Hyper and 50% Top Shelf Bali which is also very nice. A new blend that has nice energy is and lifts the mood is 60% HH2 and 40% Platinum White Bali, 2 moderates that seem to have a nice synergy. If you want energy and happy blending a fast strain and Ghost, White Rhino or Smiley Red Horn (currently unavailable but maybe you already have some stock) should provide good results. You might like to try Red Hot (50%) and Smiley Red Horned (50%) or Rockstart (50%) and White Rhino (50%), Oh, and yes you can blend the Atomic (one of my favorite fast strains). I hope this helps.

  • Crystal D Grubbs

    What are some of the best blends for a euphoric type experience that doesn’t cost you a great deal in the energy department? And can you use atomic green in blends the same way you use maeng da? I find that my best experiences have often been with combinations that have been suggested on this site but I always appreciate new combo suggestions either from those running the site and/or users of the site.

  • matt reagan

    Hey Puddles

    love the product — was using remarkable herbs which honestly was not bad – at least the maeng da they had was ok

    the mix you guys have and the knowledge of the product is exceptional – very accurate reviews relative to a substance that is normally unpredictable (at least it was before I started buying from you guys a few months back)

    okay – not the bad part — I hate the new layout – just my 2 cents I think its worse for a new user — as an existing user — im in already and not going anywhere due to a layout but just a heads up it comes off in the wrong way for me and is a bit clumsy relative to the old UX ( I realize the backend / UI is all the same as I am in IT)

    just a bit of UAT for your tech guys ha — also (seeing as this is on the atomic link) – Atomic is excellent as a sub in for maeng da folks … I mix Atomic with Thunder and like it alot also