Kratom Strain Joke for Learning

“Do you know what Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) stands for?”

“Kratom (more strains).”

A Hippo Client emailed us that gem.

He wished to discuss the pros and cons of Kratom Strain Rotation and Stagnant Strain Syndrome (SSS), which is linked to increasing Kratom Tolerance and diminishing Kratom Effects.

Stagnant Strain Syndrome and Kratom Tolerance is roughly defined as “the decreased positive effects linked with the use of a minimal number of Kratom Strains, typically two or less.

Basically, Kratom Tolerance requires you to increase your Kratom Serving to achieve the Effects that were felt at a lower serving-size. Not ideal.

Kratom Rotation is not just a magic bullet for Tolerance issues.

It also allows smart Kratom Users to experience the full breadth and potential of this wondrous plant.

The more Kratom Strains that work for you, the more wisely you can use each type of Kratom for specific Kratom Benefits.

For example, while Green Malay Kratom Powder might be a useful daily strain, many humans would enjoy a faster kratom strain like Maeng Da Kratom for high-energy activities.

Using multiple strains does not guarantee better results, but we’ve found that there's a “Sweet Spot” in which most humans feel the benefits of kratom.

To reach that sweet spot you will need to incorporate multiple kratom strains into your weekly kratom lifestyle.

Learn more with our Kratom Strain Chart

If you’re looking for a brief refresher on the various types of kratom, or the background and effects for each Kratom Strain, check out our Kratom Strain Chart.

This handy guide will help you determine the best types of kratom to work into your rotation.

Does Rotating Kratom Strains Work?

The short answer to this question is, YES!

In our experience, if you commit to rotating different types of kratom strains (including a good mix of vein colors) on a regular schedule, you'll not see a significant increase in your Kratom Tolerance as compared to using the same strain for multiple days or weeks at a time (we've tried that too!).

However, scientifically-speaking, the connection between Kratom Tolerance and rotating strains is mostly based on anecdotal evidence.

People often point to the different alkaloid contents of the various kratom strains as an explanation; however, there's little in the way of accepted studies that explore this topic beyond the armchair scientist.

The good news is we expect the forthcoming science will ultimately support this explanation.

How Long Does it Take to Feel the Effects of Kratom?

If you’re just curious about how long it takes to start feeling the effects of kratom, the answer is simple: it depends on context! If your normal kratom serving size isn’t working as quickly or as powerfully as normal, it could be a variety of things. For instance, taking kratom on an empty stomach makes your body react differently than it would if you had just eaten a bowl of oatmeal and some pancakes. That being said, if you’re struggling with this problem frequently, you might consider exploring Kratom Strain Rotation to help keep your kratom tolerance low.

The Best Kratom Strains to Rotate

It depends! You may specifically like Red Vein and White Vein Kratom. These kratom strains showcase relief from discomfort and high-energy (plus red and white vein kratom is easy to keep organized in your mind). Or perhaps you’re loyal to variations by origin such as: Bali Kratom, Borneo Kratom, Indo Kratom, and Maeng Da Kratom. It depends on your goals and your unique reaction to each Kratom Strain. The key detail to understand is that there is no universally optimal way to rotate your strains. It’s up to you.

Quick Note: Always read the label to avoid unintended consequences! If you’re at all concerned that the effects haven’t hit your system, just be wary of increasing your serving size too quickly. How long kratom takes to kick in is not the easiest answer to quantify, but there’s a range within which you should be comfortable working.

Kratom Tolerance Rotation #1 - 7 Kratom Strains over 7 Days

Rotate seven strains, one for each day of the week. If you’re a daily user, this might be a workable solution. Purchase a different strain for each day of the week and cycle them accordingly. This is a fantastic option for those looking tto answer the question “How does kratom work?” Each strain will produce different effects, and when you add those different effects together, you get a range of effects. That’s the answer!

Disclaimer: We devote the rest of this post to curating kratom rotation templates you can easily borrow for personal use. We list different strain examples for each template, and we also link some Hippo versions of each strain. We do that because we strongly believe we have the highest quality kratom on the market, but these templates will work for you if another vendor is worthy of your loyalty. As long as you’re Happy, we’re Happy.

Kratom Rotation for 7 Day Schedule

Sunday: Red Sumatra (Magic Hippo)

Monday: Green Maeng Da (Hyper Hippo)

Tuesday: Super Green Indo (Happy Hippo I)

Wednesday: Green Thai (Atomic Green Hippo)

Thursday: Red Horn (Smiley Hippo)

Friday: White Borneo (Ghost Hippo)

Saturday: White Malay (Thunder Hippo)

Advantages: reliable, easy to remember, caters to people with hectic schedules, easier to identify patterns of likes and dislikes for individual kratom users

Disadvantages: might be *too much* variety for easy rotation, difficult to pin down a favorite strain


If you’re a fan of diversity in your daily kratom use or what we refer to as the "Kratom Lifestyle", this is your solution. If you prefer a streamlined option, this still might be a tad overwhelming—especially for the kratom newbie.

Kratom Tolerance Rotation #2 - 5 Different Kratom Strains for 5 Days ON and 2 Days OFF

Rotate five strains, five days of the week and take two days off. The tolerance breaks can be adjacent, (e.g., Saturday and Sunday), or you can break them up and put one in the middle of the week (e.g., Wednesday) and another at the tail end (e.g., Saturday). Tolerance breaks make kratom’s effects on the body much more apparent, especially if you vary your low and high serving sizes throughout the week.

Kratom Rotation for 5 days ON, 2 days OFF

Sunday: Green Malay (Elite Elephant)

Monday: Super Red Indo (Happy Hippo II)

Tuesday: Yellow Bali (Royal Golden Hippo)

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Super Green Indo (Happy Hippo I)

Friday: Red Maeng Da (Red Hot Hippo)

Saturday: off

Advantages: affordable, enough strains to do the job, occasional tolerance breaks are good for longevity,

Disadvantages: tolerance breaks can be difficult; scheduled off days might not coincide with reality (e.g., a day off scheduled when a good burn might really come in handy)


This rotation is viable for people with schedules that rarely vary, but many people prefer daily kratom use which limits this template’s popularity.

Kratom Tolerance Rotation #3 - 3 Different Kratom Strains, Rotated Every 48 Hours

Rotate multiple strains for multiple days of the week. It’s predictable and easy to accommodate without breaking the bank or requiring too much in the way of thought.

Kratom Rotation for 3 Strains, Rotated Every 48 Hours

Sunday: Green Maeng Da (Hyper Hippo)

Monday: Green Maeng Da (Hyper Hippo)

Tuesday: Yellow Bali (Royal Golden Hippo)

Wednesday: Yellow Vietnam (Wild Golden Hippo)

Thursday: Yellow Maeng Da (Sunshine Hippo)

Friday: Yellow Maeng Da (Sunshine Hippo)

Saturday: Restart rotation

Advantages: affordable, a manageable number of strains, encourages regular rotation of favorites

Disadvantages: fine line between “too many” strains and “not enough,” may not be enough variety for adventurous kratom users


This rotation or one similar is probably the most popular in circulation. Not that it’s the absolute best—it depends on personal taste—but it’s simple. A little goes a long way.

Kratom Tolerance Rotation #4 - How to Rotate Just 2 Kratom Strains

Throw everything against the wall and see what sticks. This approach is strictly for veteran users.

Kratom Rotation for just 2 kratom strains

Sunday: Red Maeng Da (Red Hot Hippo)

Monday: Red Maeng Da (Red Hot Hippo) potentiated with citrus juice

Tuesday: Green Bali (Top-Shelf Bali) tapered to half of Monday’s kratom intake

Wednesday: Red Maeng Da (Red Hot Hippo) with increased spaces between servings

Thursday: Green Bali (Top-Shelf Bali) taken immediately after exercise (increased potentiation)

Friday: Kratom tolerance break, supplement with Akuamma for calming sensations

Saturday: Red Maeng Da (Red Hot Hippo) regular serving size

Sunday: Green Bali (Top-Shelf Bali) regular serving sizes with less frequency

Advantages: can boost overall kratom IQ, best approach to understand each strain’s nuances, might sustain a more limited number of kratom strains in the long-term

Disadvantages: the most complex approach, potentially confusing, hard to know which part is working and which part is just happy to be there


Education is the key to informed kratom use. Its complexity limits this rotation’s popularity, but veteran users who want to expand their knowledge would find it useful. Kratom extracts can also play a role in this approach if you prefer them over kratom powder, though misuse of extracts can easily make your tolerance levels explode.

Closing Thoughts on Rotating Kratom Strains to manage your Kratom Tolerance

“How long does Kratom Tolerance last?” isn’t the right question.

Rather, the question needs to be “What can I do to keep my Kratom Tolerance low?”

It’s in your best interest to learn as much as you can—Stagnant Strain Syndrome and Kratom Strain Rotations included. Long-term positive use depends on the individual. Thankfully, human trials are receiving federal funding, These results will inform and confirm the conjecture that rotating your Kratom can prevent or decrease SSS’ negative effects. It also provides a convenient opening to experiment with new strains. Who knows? Trying it might lead you to your all-time favorite.

To truly live a productive low-tolerance Kratom Lifestyle, you just need to mix it up as much as you can. Newbies should create a trial and error schedule, most veterans have figured out what best works for them.

One thing is clear though -

Strain Rotation works far better than simply using a single Kratom Powder indefinitely.

Bonus: We’re of the opinion that Kratom Side Effects, including Kratom Withdrawal, are manageable without being of undue concern.

TLDR: Is kratom safe to mix with other strains? Sure, we encourage it. Start with discovering the answer to the question “What do the different strains of kratom do?” The more you try, the more informed and developed your knowledge will become. After that, you can start mix-and-matching your favorites.

Questions? Comments? Please leave Puddles your thoughts in the comments section below!

Any posts that request or reference medical advice, conditions or related cannot be approved.

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  • Killian

    Thank you for the info. I was researching this very issue before you guys read my mind. I’ll definitely heed your advice and try some of your suggestions. I appreciate the knowledge in tandem with your outstanding products!

  • Chris

    Let us know if you have any questions!

  • Puddles Hippo

    Stellar Question -

    You [i]may[/i] have written us a Hippo Letter already Erin, but we wanted to address here anyways.

    Incidentally, Hyper Hippo and Wild Yellow Hippo are both in the Fast Strain Category.

    This does not necessarily mean that the Wild Yellow Hippo is guaranteed to be “Fast” for you, but for [i]most[/i] Hippos they will find that the Wild Yellow Hippo will be a Fast Strain. So, if you’re looking to be more relaxed in the afternoon we would assuredly suggest acquiring a Slow or Moderate Strain that’s resonating well for you. They may help curate a more relaxed and enjoyable afternoon.

    All of this being said, totally feel free to stick with Hyper Hippo and Wild Yellow Hippo in the same day.

    As long as you do not witness or perceive any glaring issues with your Tolerance, there’s no need to change your game-plan.

    At the the Hippo Office, we regularly have 2 or 3 strains in the same day: Puddles Hippo’s tolerance sways between 2.5-3.5 Grams. :)


  • King

    What about rotating multiple strands in the same 24 hour period? I’ll have Hyper in the am and then Wild Yellow in the afternoon.. and then if I need energy in the evening… I’ll dose Hyper again. Thoughts?

  • Puddles Hippo

    Right now I have Thunder, Sunshine & Common Green Maeng da. I prefer faster strains, but the moderate ones are okay if it helps mix things up
    So that’s 1 green, 1 white & 1 yellow, right? 2 Maeng da and 1 Malaysian.

    3g dose, 3x a day (6am, 11am, 5pm). I stick to the same strain all day. Haven’t done any single dose mixing.

    I’d like to add another 2-3 strains in there, and maybe switch out Sunshine after this 4oz is out.
    But I’m not sure what’s more effective for lowering tolerance. Variety in color, source or speed?

    I assume adding a red would be better than another white or green. [b]Red Hot[/b] would be a third [b]Maeng Da[/b] while [b]Dynamite[/b] would be a 3rd source ([b]Thai[/b])

    And I apparently don’t have any Borneo, Indo, bali or sumatra.
    I blinked and missed out on the bone

    Any advice?