What is Kanna Powder?

Kanna (Sceletium Tortuosum) is a ground cover plant that is native to the Cape area of South Africa. Hunter-gatherers were the first to use this plant, but it has transitioned throughout the years to become accessible to anyone.

Kanna contains the alkaloid compounds Mesembrine, and Mesembrenone.

The way we consume the plant today is similar to how it was back then; the plant is first harvested and is traditionally left to ferment for 8 days.

The fermentation process used to take place by being stored inside sheep skin!

(Since then - they have found better ways to do this)

During these 8 days, the alkaloids are intensified, and the presence of Oxalic Acid is reduced, which is a digestive irritant.

Fun Fact #1: There have been 31 alkaloids discovered in the Kanna plant!

Although originally chewed, Kanna is used today in the form of powders, tinctures, kanna tea, chewing gum, smokes and snuff (We do not recommend smoking or taken as snuff - especially not our product considering the texture).

Fun Fact #2: In Afrikaans, Kanna is known as Kougoed, meaning “good to chew”

Some benefits of consuming Kanna have not been confirmed, but many people report improved mood, mental focus, memory, learning, and more restful sleep with lower appetite.

How to use Kanna


Each package of Kanna should include a pink scoop inside equalling to 1/2 teaspoon, and Newbies should start with half a scoop to one scoop to evaluate effects

Mix your serving size with 2-6 oz of warm water, adding sweetener such as honey if desired - and drink up!

Kanna and Kratom

Kanna should not be taken directly with Kratom if it is your first time trying Kanna. The effects of Kanna itself should first be evaluated before trying it with other herbs.

When the time comes you feel you're ready to mix Kanna and Kratom - you should do half of your normal serving size with each herb

Because the benefits of Kanna are not easily predictable - it would be smarter to use a Moderate speed Kratom strain when mixing the two for the first time so that the effects of both the plants aren’t too extreme.

Some great Moderate Kratom choices are White Vein Bali (Platinum White Bali) or Green Borneo (Happy Hippo I).

Example: If your normal serving size of Kratom is 4 grams, and your Kanna serving size is 4 pink scoops...

You should try 2 grams of Kratom + 2 pink scoops of Kanna

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