The day has come.

When we launched our new website, I said I’d write something from the heart to our amazing Happy Hippo family.

I’ve sat here for over 3 hours and I still can’t fully capture all the right words to express my gratitude.

But here it goes…

When we started Happy Hippo in 2013, we didn’t know how long the Kratom industry would be around.

No one did.

Kratom was supposed to be banned in September 2016.

Neither you nor I are supposed to be reading this.

But here we are.

Our mission has always been to introduce new faces to HIGHLY EFFECTIVE, safe Kratom.

The same Kratom that our staff uses every single day.

The same Kratom that I’ve used every single day for over 15 years.

The same Kratom that has changed the lives of so many people. Myself included.

Newbies usually first discover Kratom in a smoke shop or gas station. Often, they are left highly underwhelmed or even feeling lousy.

It’s such a bad first impression.

Unfortunately, many of the people who need Kratom the most will never try this magical plant ever again.

This is what we have always wanted to change.

By some metrics, we have been successful:

We retire our nearly decade-old website with nearly 650,000 orders and an extended family of well over 100,000 customers.

There’s one statistic that I’m particularly proud of –

Happy Hippo has a “reorder rate” (returning customer rate) of nearly 50%.

Nearly 50% of people who try Happy Hippo Kratom will order again.

This type of percentage is unheard of and means one thing -

Happy Hippo is helping a lot of people.

That is what we are most proud of.

Kratom saves lives.

It really does.

Happy Hippo has never advertised, never had a big marketing department and until recently – we have never even been available in a retail store.

Nearly every person finds Happy Hippo via “word of mouth”.

That is because of You.

We DO NOT EXIST unless you tell your friends and family about Happy Hippo. So many have done that for us.

Thank you.

We couldn’t ask for a better extended family.

Hopefully Happy Hippo has helped you but -

You have changed our lives more than you will ever know.

Today is historic for our company.

Thank you for being a part of it.

~ Your friends at Happy Hippo & Puddles Hippo



Our new website will make the customer experience so much better. (particularly on mobile devices)

We will have a lot of neat educational features – that will drastically lessen the learning curve and help people figure out Kratom quickly.

If you are still on the fence about Kratom, please – keep trying. While Kratom doesn’t work equally as well for everyone, it is life-changing for so many.

It took me over a year to truly find my “sweet spot” and figure out which Kratom strains work best for me and how the different strains compare.

It won’t take you a year, the links above can really help.