White Malaysian + Yellow Borneo Kratom - Heatwave Hippo White Malaysian + Yellow Borneo Kratom - Heatwave Hippo

Heatwave Hippo

White Malaysian + Yellow Borneo Kratom

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Buy Blended White Malaysian and Yellow Borneo Kratom Powder Here!

Limited Edition - Small Batch Kratom Blend! 

Puddles Hippo put together this amazing White + Yellow blend to get you feeling groovy for summertime. 😎 

Heatwave Hippo is a 50/50 combination of our strains Thunder Hippo (White Malaysian) and Snuggie Hippo (Yellow Borneo).

Combining White Vein Kratom with Yellow Vein Kratom is always memorable.

The fresh white alkaloids give you energy, while the soothing yellow alkaloids keep you grounded. It creates a special type of "warm energy" that is unlike any other Kratom combination. 

In-House Hippo Feedback: 

"I haven't taken any Kratom since last week and this mix was kinda perfect.

I took about 2 grams with a serving of the Bioavailability Formula. It definitely gave me some warmth, energy and an overall improvement to my focus.

It flies a little under the radar - but in a good way."
   - Luis Hippo



Fast = Energy/Motivation

Moderate = Balance of Fast and Slow

Slow = Relaxation/Comfort

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Kratom Effects

Happy Mind

Associated with feelings of mental clarity, enthusiasm and happiness. Perfect for initiating that flow state for any big project.

Clean Energy

An excellent strain for anyone who appreciates feeling Energized and Motivated to conquer the day!

Increased Focus

This strain is popular for its association with mental focus and clarity, helping you harness the power of your full attention!

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