Kratom Extract Energy Shot - Kratom Energy Shot (Sugar Free) Kratom Extract Energy Shot - Kratom Energy Shot (Sugar Free) Kratom Extract Energy Shot - Kratom Energy Shot (Sugar Free) Kratom Extract Energy Shot - Kratom Energy Shot (Sugar Free) Kratom Extract Energy Shot - Kratom Energy Shot (Sugar Free) Kratom Extract Energy Shot - Kratom Energy Shot (Sugar Free)
Sugar Free

Kratom Energy Shot

Sugar-Free Kratom Extract

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Fast Maeng Da
Blue Razzle
Blue Razzle
Cherry PomPom
Pink Lemon Drop
Berry PomPom
Fruit Punch Party

Happy Hippo Kratom Energy Shots!

Clean Energy and Mental Efficiency 

  • The delicious flavor infusion will make you forget you’re drinking Kratom
  • Caffeine Free 
  • Sugar-Free – Flavors made with monk fruit and stevia (no yucky aspartame)
  • No more messy powders to mix → zero clean-up
  • Easy to store at your desk or gym bag
  • Equivalent to 5 grams of plain leaf Kratom → enough to get you through the day packed into a single shot. 

Exciting Flavors

  • Blue Razzle
  • Cherry PomPom
  • Fruit Punch Party
  • Pink Lemon Drop
  • Berry PomPom
  • Grapelicious

What can you expect from Happy Hippo’s Energy Shots?

The first thing you will notice is the very delicious and smooth flavor.  Happy Hippo’s Energy Shots are free of any metallic taste, delivering an all-natural flavor profile that you will really enjoy.

The flavor is followed by a rapid increase in clean and jitter-free energy, combined with a strong mental focus like none other. 

Happy Hippo’s Energy Shots are great for people who live a fast-paced, active lifestyle.

The easy twist-and-drink bottle will eliminate the time it would take to stop and measure out all that messy Kratom powder.

This product is great to use before hitting the gym, writing a report, or doing anything that may require your undivided attention or energy.  

Happy Hippo’s Energy Shots come in an easy-to-pack 2oz bottle that will fit great in a desk drawer or gym bag, which makes it a traveler’s best friend. 

What is Kratom Extract?

Happy Hippo's Kratom extract (Mitragyna speciosa) is made from the dried and pulverized leaves of the Green Vein Maeng Da Kratom strain. The Kratom powder is distilled through an alcohol-based (food-grade ethanol and citric acid) extraction process which is then steeped in water until the ethanol has evaporated. The resulting semi-solid extract is then left out to dry, producing hardened Kratom extract that can be crushed into powder. Once the powder is crushed, the Kratom extract is suspended in purified water and kosher USP vegetable glycerin. Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and citric acid are added to aid preservation. Artificial flavoring may also be added. Kratom extract is incredibly potent and is ideal for making Kratom tea.

    Our products are 100% unadulterated botanical specimens harvested without pesticides. Every kratom batch is:

    • Pre-sterilized at 170 degrees to kill pathogens and maintain alkaloid profile.
    • Carefully tested for salmonella, E. coli, and heavy metals.
    • Free from additives and inferior botanical fillers.

    Kratom suppliers use this slang term to describe only the most potent Kratom as Maeng Da.

    • Back in the day, Thai workers would gather these leaves from Kratom trees that grew deep in the wild jungles of the rainforests.
    • Today, farmers designate the title to the leaves picked from trees that provide the most abundant alkaloid content.
    • Kratom connoisseurs rave about the potency of Maeng Da, making this a great strain to use before a laborious task or a long workout.

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    This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.

    • We do not sell any products with medical claims.
    • Not intended for use by pregnant or nursing women.
    • Not intended for use by anyone with medical conditions.
    • Do not combine with alcohol or any prescription medications.
    • Not for sale to anyone under 21 years of age.

    Kratom Energy Shot Serving Size

    • ½ bottle = 2.5 grams plain leaf Kratom
    • 1 bottle = 5 grams plain leaf Kratom

    Something to keep in mind - Happy Hippo’s Energy Shots are made with Kratom Extract or Mitragynine Alkaloid, because of this → the potency of this shot is a lot higher than your normal plain leaf kratom powder.

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