Featured image depicting an overhead view of a countertop where we're preparing a batch of Happy Hippo brand kratom powder for the Toss and Wash technique.
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Master Your Kratom Powder Toss and Wash

The Kratom Powder Toss and Wash is a common way that people take Kratom. In this article, we give you plenty of tips and tricks to help you MASTER your toss and wash technique.

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Kratom vs Kava - How You Can Get the Greatest Benefit

Kratom and Kava are very similar and even used interchangeably. However, it’s important to remember that Kratom and Kava are NOT the same things. They are very different plants that offer similar benefits.  In this article, we observe and define Kratom and Kava. We discuss their similarities and differences, as...

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Why Liquid Kratom is so Amazing

In this article, we go over everything you need to know about liquid Kratom. We discuss what it is, how it works, why people like to use it, and more! By the end of this, you’ll be an expert! 😉 

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Is Red Bali Kratom the Best Strain?

Bali Kratom strains are famous in the Kratom community. We are going to dive in and explore the Red Bali Kratom strain by covering all of the main aspects. We will go over what it is, the different uses, its benefits, proper serving sizes, and how Red Bali compares in relation...

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Happy Hippo’s Kratom Lingo Guide

Some of the words used to describe Kratom and its effects can seem unusual. This Kratom Lingo Guide will help you navigate and understand the more obscure terms and phrases associated with Kratom.

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Why Green Malay is Amazing

Let’s dive into the details of one of our most consistently purchased Moderate strains - Green Malay! We like to call our Green Malay “Elite Elephant” because it’s simply elite! Hands down the best Green Malay we’ve ever tried. 

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How To Remove Kratom Stains From Your Clothes

Ahhh, man! You stained your clothes! Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. Fortunately, we’re here to help you get your clothes looking good as new. In this article, we are going to share 3 of the easiest and most effective ways to make a pesky Kratom stain disappear! 

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Why You’ll Enjoy Green Borneo Kratom

Green Borneo Kratom, or as we like to call it, “Happy Hippo I”, was the very first strain that we brought aboard our line-up back in 2012.  In this article, we are going to teach you everything you need to know about Green Borneo Kratom. We will explore...

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Where To Get Quality Kratom at the Best Price

In this article, we go over the steps of how you can find the best Kratom prices. We hope this information helps you make informed decisions when purchasing Kratom products in the future.

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Quick Start Guide to Kratom

This guide will direct you to the most crucial articles and tools that we have available on our website. At the end, we’ll briefly answer some frequently asked questions. All of our advice comes from our in-house experts, who have collectively been using Kratom for 30+ years. 

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What is Kratom Good For?

Kratom has been used in traditional medicine by natives of Southeast Asia for centuries. Here in the United States, Kratom isn’t as well-known, but it’s becoming more and more popular as the year's pass. It’s a very diverse botanical, and there’s a lot to learn about it! We...

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Is Kratom Legal in Texas?

The laws surrounding Kratom in the United States are complex. Most botanicals over here are up for a heated debate. If you’re an avid Kratom user, it’s important to stay updated with your local government to make sure that you’re using Kratom legally and responsibly. It’s also critical...

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How Borneo Kratom Will Blow Your Mind

The beautiful islands of Borneo have cultivated many amazing Kratom strains. In fact, Borneo Kratom in particular is beloved by Kratom enthusiasts and is considered one of the most popular and potent strains of kratom.

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