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Happy Hippo Offers Lower Price on Kratom (Here's Why and How)

To kick off 2022, Happy Hippo has lowered prices on all Kratom powders, passing those savings onto you.
Featured image of a Happy Hippo branded packet of Green Maeng Da kratom powder, being filled from a machine in a sterile lab-like environment.

You asked - we listened. 

To kick off 2022, we lowered prices on all Kratom powders. 

Our sources of small batch powders, pathogen sterilization, independent lab-testing and in-house AKA-GMP compliant packaging processes will not change.

Though years of loyalty to the same farmers and sources - we’ve been able to negotiate prices down to an all-time low. We also bought the machines to package nearly everything ourselves. The bulk of this savings will be passed onto you. 

Although Happy Hippo will never be the cheapest Kratom (see reasons below), we hope our price cuts will make a difference in your life. Especially for those, like me, who use Happy Hippo Kratom everyday. Kratom is amazing. 

The plan is to keep the lower prices in place indefinitely, however, the Kratom industry and supply chains can be highly erratic. So please try to roll with the punches! 

Why is Happy Hippo More Expensive to Begin With?

The number one complaint has always been that Happy Hippo is more expensive than other brands. 

Unfortunately, this is true for us too. 

We probably pay 4 or 5 times more for our finished product than most other brands.

Here is why -

  1. We only source most-mature, alkaloid-rich Kratom. As you know, Happy Hippo is not the cheap “gas station Kratom” that is elsewhere. Harvesting high-quality Kratom is definitely more expensive.
  2. Our Kratom is heat sterilized and lab-tested before we even receive it. This is a significant expense.
  3. We also send out our small batches for another round of independent lab-testing. We legitimately don’t want people getting sick. This isn’t super expensive but most other companies don’t do this.
  4. We try to donate $10,000/month to the American Kratom Association. Their advocacy has been key to keeping Kratom safe and legal. We were one of their first AKA-GMP approved vendors.
  5. Locally, we have our own advocacy efforts. Nearly every member of Congress in Idaho knows what Kratom is and why it is not the boogieman that others claim. Many representatives use Happy Hippo Kratom too! 
  6. We ship faster than Amazon. 
  7. No one at Happy Hippo makes less than $16.00/hour. Idaho’s minimum wage is $7.25/hour. $7.25/hour is not a livable wage. We are adding health insurance for in 2022 too. 

For more info, check out our post on buying Kratom safely.

Happy Hippo may never be the cheapest Kratom but you’ll always get a product that works really well. If you don’t - just email us and we’ll replace it. It’s that simple!

We appreciate your loyalty through the years, you have made Happy Hippo an amazing company and your support has enriched more lives than you know. 

We will follow up with another post about our plans for Happy Hippo in 2022 and keeping Kratom safe and legal. 

Happy New Year!

~ Puddles Hippo & The Happy Hippo Family 

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Rebecca S. Gibson

Happy Hippo has the best quality Kratom in the country! You get what you pay for. I appreciate also the supreme customer care in all purchases and they reply immediately to emails. Happy Hippo is amazing for donating to American Kratom Assn also, to make sure it will never be banned by big pharma and political fear mongers. Love that they are paying such a great wage to their employees and getting insurance for them this year as well! Love Happy Hippo!

paul V wallner

when your shipping prices went sky high even though i pre pay thru checking….well it’s ridiculous …..there are no deals when you charge large for shipping’’’’.

Robert Leone

It needed to happen. Although you guys got great Kratom it’s not the best or there are many rivals at top contention at a fraction of the price. Good move, however keep the sales going and make weekly or monthly one that 6.99 an oz or 7.99 an oz.


Happy New Year and thank you for lowering your prices but the most important email I will ever receive from HH is the one that includes “We have brought back Pleasant Hippo!”
All the best.