What Are Kratom Extract - Liquid Kratom Energy Shots?

Similar to our Kratom Extracts - our new Kratom Energy Shots are made from concentrated Kratom alkaloids - 7-hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine

The difference between these two products are that the Kratom Energy Shots are fruit-flavored, and similar to a liquid energy shot (without all the icky stuff)


“These can’t taste that great”, you say...

Wrong. These Kratom Energy Shots are amazing.

The best part - is we have 4 different flavors to choose from:

  • Fruit Punch
  • Berry Pomegranate
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Grape

Each bottle is 2 ounces - equivalent to 60ML

Are There Any ‘Slow’ Liquid Kratom Shots?

After the release of our initial Kratom Extracts - a frequent question we received was “where is the slow version?”

To put it simply - there is no such thing as a concentrated form of Kratom that is slow.

Mitragynine is the alkaloid harvested during the Kratom Extraction process

Mitragynine is also what gives people the boost of energy, focused mind, and increased sense of productiveness

The MAIN alkaloid in our Kratom Extracts is Mitragynine - therefore, the consumer will experience those exact properties listed above.

Unfortunately - these effects are not desirable for ‘winding down’ at the end of the day.

BUT WAIT - we have some AWESOME Slow Kratom products coming soon…

We're currently looking into getting some great products for our Slow-preferring Customers. Keep an eye out in 2021!

How Do I Use the Kratom Energy Shots?

Because Kratom Extracts are more potent than plain leaf - you should always take these with something in your stomach. Consuming shortly after a light breakfast is best

A full bottle contains around 50MG of Kratom Extract. To break it down:

50 MG is equal to about 5 grams of plain kratom leaf!

If you take the entire bottle - you're consuming 5 grams of plain kratom leaf

If you take half of the bottle - you are consuming 2.5 grams of plain kratom leaf

Start with drinking no more than ½ the bottle and evaluate the effects

If you do not feel desired effects after waiting at least 30 minutes - consume a little more, working your way up.

No need to mix these shots with anything else - they are perfect the way they are.

However - when our Hippo Employees were testing these, someone experimented mixing with soda water or lemon/lime soda, and it was delicious!

Do not take with caffeine products until you gauge the effectiveness of the Energy Shot alone.

We do not recommend taking this product in addition to other Kratom products.

If you have any questions/concerns - feel free to email in to our Hippo Helpers! help@happyhippoherbals.com

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