What is Akuamma?

Akuamma, otherwise known as Picralima Nitida, comes from a shrub like tree (similar in height to Kratom plants) that flourishes along the riverbanks in West Africa. The main alkaloids present in Akuamma seeds are Akuammine and Pericine - which are both comparable to Mitragynine in Kratom.

Because Akuamma are so similar in many ways - the effects of taking Akuamma Seed are also very similar to consuming Kratom leaves.

Fun Fact: Almost every part of the Akuamma plant can be consumed; including the seeds, fruit, bark, roots and leaves!

At Happy Hippo - we agree the seed is the most beneficial part of the plant, so we offer the seed at 20x potency as an Akuamma Extract in Capsule Form!

Originally, we had offered this in powdered form. But after trial and error - we realized the powder is way too bitter and capsules can only help eliminate the terrible taste a little bit.

Some benefits of consuming the seed include relief from physical discomfort and calming the mind and as a powerful sleep aid.

Akuamma Seed Powder Serving Size

Start small!

1-2 capsules to start is recommended.

Raise your serving size by one capsule at a time - waiting at least 30 minutes for it to kick in - until you have reached your desired serving.

Akuamma and Kratom

If you are an avid Kratom user - try taking Akuamma on it’s own before trying it hand in hand with Kratom; and when taking it with Kratom for the first time, take half your Kratom serving to introduce the two together

Example: Normal Kratom serving = 4 grams

Try 1-2 Akuamma capsules + 2 grams of Kratom

Because Akuamma effects include calmness and relaxation - try using a Moderate strain when you simply want to chill, and use a Slow Strain when trying to sleep.

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